Hearing Loss Prevention

Some startling news was released from the World Health Organization in 2015, that 50% of teens and young adults are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from their personal music players. Headphones are able to put out up to 110 dB of sound, which is enough to cause permanent damage!

This “Listen Carefully” initiative started by Starkey Hearing Technologies focuses raising awareness about noise-induced hearing loss, a completely preventable type of hearing loss.

Our goal is to help promote this initiative in our area. We do so by educating the community about the dangerous sounds around them, educating on safe levels of listening, and wearing hearing protection when in dangerous noisy environments.

We are available to give community talks on how long is too long, in regards to listening to everyday sounds. We also have custom hearing protection options available at our office, including mini filtered earplugs for musicians/industrial workers, solid earplugs for noise protection in occupations and recreational environments, as well as sleeping earplugs made for reducing ambient noise while sleeping.