Hearing Aid Fitting

What to Expect During Your Hearing Aid Fitting

A hearing aid fitting covers a lot of important things associated with receiving and feeling comfortable with your devices. This applies to both first-time wearers and experienced users. Besides all of the tests and questions that will be answered, you will also get to voice any concerns you have with the device. The important thing to remember during your hearing aid fitting is to communicate openly and honestly with your audiologist. 

What happens during your hearing aid fitting?

A hearing aid fitting is an appointment that allows the audiologist to make personal adjustments to your device and tailor it to your specific hearing needs. The audiologist will guide you through finding the right fit, the correct amplification, and will go over the features of your particular hearing aid. Your audiologist will also educate you on how to insert and remove the device, how to properly care for your hearing aid, and any general maintenance tips to follow. You will also learn about the adjustment period for your hearing aid, which can take anywhere from two to four weeks for you to fully adapt to hearing the world around you again.

Why is the hearing aid fitting important?

A hearing aid is only as strong as its settings. That means the wrong settings on a good hearing aid will not be beneficial, no matter how much it’s customized. Part of the hearing aid fitting is testing pitches and volumes from soft to loud, determining the best programmed settings and personalizing it to your specific hearing needs. The hearing aid fitting allows the audiologist to fine-tune your device to better accommodate your hearing loss. Simply put, the better the hearing aid fit, the better your listening experience!

Comfort levels are important even if the device is outputting crisp sound. Hearing aids are made to be comfortable for many hours at a time. New designs keep the size to a minimum so that users will forget they are even wearing a hearing aid. But even if you choose the most comfortable hearing aid in the world, if you don’t put it in correctly it will not work the way it should. Hearing aid fittings are crucial for passing on this type of information; little tips and tricks about the easiest ways to insert and remove your device, properly storing them and maintaining them.

Don’t delay your hearing aid fitting

At Keystone Audiology, we take your hearing aid fitting seriously! Getting the right fit and settings for your new hearing aids are essential in not only giving you a better listening experience, but ensuring you get the most use out of your devices. With the right mindset, a new hearing aid will be the beginning of a very important journey.