Hearing Aid Repair

All devices are susceptible to breaking down due to needed maintenance or aging. This especially applies to hearing aids, which are high-tech devices that are small and intricate. Even though they are solidly built, the hard plastic coating covers very complex wiring underneath. Luckily, keeping your hearing aids in good shape and fixing minor problems can be pretty easy. Here are some of the minor and major problems that can keep your hearing aid from functioning at its full capacity.

Troubleshooting common problems

When your hearing aid is going in and out, the first thing to check is the battery. Its ability to amplify sound is directly related to whether the battery has enough power to command the components. And in the case where your hearing aid isn’t working at all, checking the battery should be a top priority. Most battery issues aren’t difficult to fix and simply require you recharging or putting in a fresh pair. Remember, hearing aid batteries are prone to expiration if not kept in the right conditions, so make sure to keep yours in a dry storage area that’s not exposed to excessive heat or cold!

If the batteries are working fine but the hearing aid still isn’t working, then it may have something to do with the settings. Advanced hearing aids have multiple settings tailored to your specific needs. Any accidental modifications to one of these programs can make it seem like your device isn’t working correctly. Make a note of each setting on your device, and carefully adjust where needed until you have sound.

If the first two fixes don’t provide sound, there is still another option left. Accumulated earwax can render your hearing aid unusable, or at the very least muffle the sound it outputs. Remember, part of maintaining your hearing aid means keeping it clean and clear from debris. If you aren’t sure how to properly care for your hearing aid, don’t hesitate to contact your audiologist for more specific instructions!

Trust your audiologist with hearing aid repairs

If you’ve struggled through these troubleshooting tips and your hearing aid still requires repairs, one of our audiologists will be happy to help. At Keystone Audiology, we’re able to perform simple onsite repairs to hearing aids in our lab. In the event there is more severe damage to your device, we’re able to ship it to the manufacturer for more extensive repairs. We are happy to help, so perform simple troubleshooting at home and leave the advanced hearing aid repairs to our professionals!