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Our Monthly Program

At Keystone, we believe that follow-up care is the key to success for hearing well.  Not only does a student’s educational team need training on their hearing/auditory difficulties, but once solutions and strategies are implemented, success is hinged on follow-up care.  Our monthly program allows for routine visits to each student to ensure equipment and classroom strategies are working well and being implemented properly, and to be available to answer questions from students and staff. With this program we completely manage the districts equipment.  We are able to store stock equipment at our office and track inventory and warranty information.  At the end of the year, we will collect all equipment to have it serviced over the summer in order for it to be returned in its best condition for the start of the next school year.  We are also available to provide educational in-services to students, staff, or parents on topics such as; the nature of a specific hearing loss or auditory processing disorder, hearing conservation/protection, and hearing assistive technology.

Utilizing our monthly program you receive a significant pricing discount on equipment, and are locked into a lower price on hourly services.  You are paying less and getting more!  We do this because we want students to get the best care possible, and want to encourage our districts to utilize this program.  Pricing is outlined below. Please contact Kristen Rubin, at [email protected] if you are interested in learning more or joining our Monthly Educational Audiology Program.

Non-Monthly school districts will pay a higher rate for our hourly service in addition to a higher price on equipment costs.  This structure means scheduling visits is on an as-needed basis only, and may have longer wait times.

Pricing Comparison for Monthly & Non Monthly Members

Pricing as of January 2020 (pricing subject to change!)

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