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Educational Audiology

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Our educational audiologists provide services to ensure children with hearing loss and auditory processing Disorder have adequate access to classroom acoustics, such as their teacher’s voice and the voices of their peers.  

Some of these services include:

  • Classroom observations/sound level measurements to assess the classroom environment

  • Counseling school staff and families on the student's hearing loss, and the implications it has on their education in their current educational setting

  • Recommendations on improving classroom acoustics, noise reduction, teaching strategies, and assistive technology 

  • Attendance at team meetings to advocate for child’s auditory needs in the classroom

  • Assistive technology fittings, training, and verification of benefit

Additional services for districts/school administrators involved in our monthly program:

  • Managing and documenting assistive technology equipment for school districts

  • Monthly communication to convey status of students progress and all equipment inventory

  • Tracking warranty information on assistive technology

  • Summer management of equipment (pick up at the end of the school year, service over the summer so all equipment is working at its best at the start of the school year)